American crypto-anarchist John Galton was shot and killed earlier this week, as Mercury News reports. Lily Forester, who identified herself as Galton’s partner, claimed in a social media post that she witnessed the gunmen aim for the heads of Galton and a friend, named Jason Henza, at Galton’s home in Acapulco, Mexico. Henza was able to make it to a local hospital, suffering from gunshot wounds to his armpit, hand and leg. However, Galton was not as fortunate.

Henza and Lily described the horrific event, in which Lilly stated, “I really need help! Somebody, please come,” meanwhile Henza was recorded in a blood-stained T-shirt saying, “We were attacked. I’ve been shot three times. I’m not doing so good.”

Galton and Lily fled the United States in 2016 due to charges of drug use. The two faced 25-year prison sentences for manufacturing a controlled substance at the time. CCN notes that Galton’s anarchist nature “could be one of the reasons why he chose to take up residence in Acapulco, a community known to be violent with a high homicide rate.”

However, Galton’s death is believed to be an attack by the local cartel who thought of him as competition for the drug trade in the neighborhood. Local authorities in Acapulco discovered glass pipes, marijuana plants and drug-processing equipment when searching Galton’s apartment for any clues.

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