BMW’s Vision iNext concept—presented at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show– is ready to wow, offering a glimpse of the Ultimate Driving Machine that may even drive itself in the coming years. “The task for BMW is how to innovate and inspire,” said BMW Group design director Adrian Van Hooydonk.

Van Hooydonk worked alongside his predecessor Chris Bangle, known for his unconventional and controversial designs, before claiming his current role at BMW nearly a decade ago. The Vision iNext concept represents BMW’s commitment to the next era of driving, in which majority, if not all, cars will become electric and fully autonomous.

“The shape of the car is clean, bold, and sexy,” Van Hooydonk stated. “It looks powerful without too much effort, and we believe that’s what [electric] mobility will feel like.” The concept car shares similarities to the X5 and X6 crossovers, however, it has more interior space thanks to its electric motors, which are smaller than a gasoline engine.

BMW’s signature kidney grille is “tall, narrow, and exaggerated, flanked by four laser headlights,” as Robb Report adds. The body was designed for maximum aerodynamics and efficiency, not to mention it’s painted in Liquid Greyrose Copper.

The interior of the Vision iNext was inspired by the architecture of boutique hotels. Rather than a traditional car layout, the cabin transforms into a lounge, with seats that swivel to face each other, allowing for easier communication with passengers. Instead of screens or buttons, there are touch sensors that are invisibly integrated into the front dash, as well as the rear seats. Occupants of the car can access the car’s function by either pressing or drawing on the wood or fabric.

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