Future Miss Mexico, Laura Zuniga Arrested

Laura Zuniga, the 23-year-old winner of the “Hispanoamerican Queen 2008” title, has been arrested after being caught in a car(s) with 7 men, a bunch of weapons, including AR-15 assault riffles, and $50,000 in cash.  

In all fairness, if there were 8 people, that’s less than $10k each.   Maybe they were just heading to Las Vegas?   But they were a long way from Vegas, they were busted in Zapopan, which is right outside Guadalajara.

One of the guys busted were Angel Orlando Garcia Urquiza (yes, that’s one name), Laura Zuniga’s 29-year-old boyfriend.   He is also the brother of “one of the greatest capos of narcotraffic,” says secretary of public security for the state of Jalisco,Luis Carlos Najera Gutierrez de Velazco (yes, that is one name too).  

Ricardo Garcia Urquiza, Angel’s brother, was already in police custody, so I don’t know how he is that great.  

The Mexican police paraded Laura Zuniga, Angel Orland Garcia Urquiza, and all the other long named outlaws in front of cameras for a photo opt.   Queen Laura wore a simple grey sweater and tight jeans, and was still looking pretty darn hot.  

Laura Zuniga is supposed to represent Mexico in next years Miss International contest, where for talent portion she will produce a pound of coke from an orifice.   Okay, that’s not true, and it was very crude.   I wish Laura all the best in the Miss Incarceration contest in a Mexican jail.  


  1. I guess you were trying to be "funny" when you wrote "yes, that’s one name", and it kind of was, but it gets ridiculous when you keep repeating that phrase, and only shows your ignorance. In Mexico, as in Spain and in many Spanish-speaking countries most people have two family names. The first family name is the paternal one, and the second family name is the maternal one. So nothing out of the ordinary with a name like Angel Orlando Garcia Urquiza, Orlando is the middle name, and Garcia Urquiza are his two surnames. And that's quite common, for example the model that this article is about, her full name is Laura Elena Zúñiga Huizar. What's funny about that? I found your ignorance funnier. Next time do a better research or you'll end up putting your foot in your mouth… again.

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