Orders on Ford’s limited production of its $400,000 GT supercar have been outpacing supply, resulting in the company boosting production to keep up with demand. The company said on Thursday that the demand on the supercar is outpacing Ford six-to-one, prompting Ford to increase production from the 1,000 GTs it initially planned to manufacture in 2016 to 1,350.

On the bright side, the Ford GT was the automaker’s response to high-performance sports cars from companies such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren and several others, and seems to be doing quite well in the competition.

“The response to our Ford GT has been unprecedented, with initial demand outstripping supply by more than six-to-one,” said Hermann Salenbauch, director of Ford Performance. “By extending the Ford GT production run for a limited period, we’re able to maintain the exclusivity of the ultra-desirable supercar while offering the ownership experience to a greater number of customers.”

Clients who desire to purchase the amazing supercar, cannot simply walk into the dealership and purchase one. Instead,  they must submit applications, which Ford will review. The automaker plans to reopen the process on November 8 and CNBC notes it will only be for select markets, while running for the following 30 days. For those who already applied, they must confirm or modify their original applications to even be considered.

The supercar is designed and engineered by Ford, while actually being built by Canadian supplier Multimatic. The Ford GT travels at a top speed of 216 MPH, while running on a twin-turbocharged, 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine. Ford developed EcoBoost, a line of engines, that are intended to provide power while also conserving fuel. However, Ford recalled about 200 of these cars on October 10, due to hydraulic fluid leaks that hold the potential to start a fire.

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