Ferrari dealer in Scottsdale

As someone who drives a relatively modest car, I have to admit to always having an affinity for one specific brand of exotic car, the Ferrari.

How I can appreciate other exotic cars, to be honest must just seem like their screaming for attention.   The Lamborghini just screams “look at me, I’m rich”.   Where as a Ferrari is simply elegant and moves unlike any other vehicle on the road.   I think the Ferrari vs. Lamborghini debate is much like the Armani vs Vesaci debate; or here in Las Vegas, the Wynn vs. Palazzo debate.

While Lamborghini, Palazzo, Verscai equal pure decadence, Ferrari, Armani and the Wynn equal pure elegance.   It may seem like I’m knocking the Lambo but I’m really not.   When you’re making the call of Lamborghini vs. Ferrari, or Armani vs. Versaci, you’re playing in the big leagues.

I was actually talking to a Ferrari dealer in Scottsdale Arizona today about sales.   I would think that they are hurting, and for the most part, they are.   But he did mention an interesting fact.   It seems that Ferrari dealers across the country are still moving inventory, and that in fact there is a nice secondary market opening up because of the people returning their Ferrari’s that can no longer afford them.   Is now the time to hop on buying a new Ferrari?

But much like a horse, the price of purchasing is only the beginning.   A Ferrari is not like owning most cars.   There is a simple lack of practicality to the car.   You have to pay a fortune maintaining, and of course detailing your beauty.   And I imagine that recession or no recession, the cost of insuring Ferrari in the Scottsdale / Phoenix area is outrages.   Phoenix has an insane amount of car theft.

Still, if I lived a little closer to Scottsdale, I might be tempted to stop in and roll out in a new Ferrari.

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