Fendi to Launch Summer Pop-Up at Selfridges

Fendi, one of the hottest stores for fur, leather good, fragrances, and all sorts of accessories, has taken on a new residence.  The new location isn’t just any Fendi store or corner shop, but rather a Fendi Kiosk located at the Selfridges Corner Shop.

As of July 31st, Fendi are officially set to transform a section of the Selfridge space previously occupied by AF Vandevorst, Michele Lamey, and Gareth Pugh.  The Fendi Kiosk will include be much more than a simple fashion store, it will also include a gelato stand, an old-fashioned photo, and a calligrapher who will be working to create personalized postcards.  The gelato isn’t just any gelato though, it is gelato from Steccolecco.  Steccolecco is top-notch, high class gelato company which was founded in Italy.  This unique partnership will be the first time that the gelato is available to consumers in the United Kingdom.  Even more than that, Steccolecco will be creating two new festive flavors to celebrate the occasion and offer special lollies for visitors to take home.  The amenities and entertainment don’t stop there. The kiosk will incorporate a postcard stand in which visitors can purchase personalized Fendi cards with the history of the logo of the company and allow customers to trace the brand back in time.  Twice a day, customers will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive “Fendi balloon drops”.  At both 12pm and 6pm, Fendi balloons will be freely distributed to customers.  Simply put, the kiosk will have the three essential ‘F’s: food, fun, and fashion.

Beyond the amenities, the kiosks will also serve as an exclusive launching ground.  Fendi fans at Selfridge will be among the first customers to be able to buy items from the brand’s Autumn and Winter 2018 collection. The space will see the first of the AW18 collection exclusively, including all the Hey Reilly Fendi/Fila logo’d collab as well as the Kan I bag and Mon Tresor bag.  The Fendi kiosk officially launches at the Selfridges Corner Shop on Tuesday at 6pm, customers are welcome to come and celebrate the grand opening and participate in the fun, food, and fashion.

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