Fancy Fendi Sneakers Are Here

FENDI, a luxury store known for its high-quality furs, leather goods, fragrances, and accessories, made headlines recently as it took on a new residence in the Selfridges Corner Shop in London, England.  Rather than being a corner store, the new location is a kiosk, which adds a unique spin to the brand.  Now, Fendi is making headlines once again; this tim, for its newest luxury sneaker, which is now available.

Lacing up a pair of Fancy Fendi Sneakers.

The luxury sneaker, known as the Fancy FENDI, is making headlines due to its new silhouette which is distinctively and purposefully genderless.  The sneaker is a hi-tech shoe designed for street use and accented with a uniquely urban touch.  The sole of the shoe features a simple wave-like design which runs across the short side and bottom half of the shoe.  Also featured on the bottom half is a thick rubber sole, a hot fashion trend for sneakers as of late, which provides plenty of cushion with a large gel bubble.  In addition, the upper half of the shoe features a mix of materials and a distinct pattern that make up the side of the shoe.  The pattern on the side creates an arch which connects to the runner and both the runner and the arch are made of a soft leather material and luxurious suede. The top of the shoe and area above the runner is encapsulated with a transparent, durable net.

To market the sneaker, FENDI released a short video.  In the clip, FENDI employs its recent campaign “F is for FUNK” and features a series of young dancers including BBoys Junior and Sunni, headspin world record-holder Roxy, and the female popping champion DeyDey.  The seven dancers are dressed exclusively in FENDI and are rocking the new sneaker and loving every second of it.  To further promote the brand, the dancers compete in a dance-off on the FENDI rooftop in Rome.

One of the main reasons the shoe is easily genderless is the multitude of choices available to customize the shoe.  The Fancy FENDI sneaker will be available in a large number of color combinations which will be featured in FENDI locations.  Individual accent colors and different parts of the shoe can be customized to create a tone-on-tone or a multi-color look.  In total, three distinct color combinations will be the main options: a black shoe with hints of red and white, a black shoe highlighted with grey and brown, and a light gray and white shoe with a black accent and yellow cushioned air bubble on the heel of the shoe.

The shoe is now available in FENDI stores worldwide and available for pre-order online.  The new luxury shoe with its intricate accessories and quality materials has a price to match its many features.  The shoe starts at €750, which is equivalent to about $875.

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