Entire Town For Sale

When my cousin and I were younger we used to say one day we were going to own a town. We would make it look like a fairy tale castle, have actors dress up and just basically live life like a scene out of a movie. Back then I did not know that people could actually buy a town but for $799,000 you can.

A small town in South Dakota has been put up for sale. Why buy just a piece of land if you can buy an entire town with it right? The town comes with 46 acres, a dance hall, museum, general store, post office, jail and a saloon. It looks like something right out of an old western. I could see it being used as a backdrop in photos or movies. The town is Scenic, South Dakota and it is located about 40 miles South East of Rapid City, South Dakota.

The town’s current owner, Twila Merrill, is battling cancer and has decided to sell the town. The population is less than 10. Most of the occupants of the town are related to Miss Merrill. The town is down a couple hundred people since the last Census report. The decline started many decades ago and hasn’t been able to recover.

For just $799,000 you can own a ghost town. Not to shabby of a deal if you ask me. I think I might put in on this one and make all of my child hood dreams come true. For more information on Scenic, South Dakota visit BuyScenicSD.com.

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