Heesen Yachts offers a way to customize a yacht that to reflect your individuality, thanks to a unique combination of luxury, design and performance. For the right price, you can live out your dreams and personalize every inch of your very own Heesen Yacht.

Joanne Shurvell of Forbes learned how to design a yacht with Heesen Yachts, in collaboration with British superyacht designers Winch Design. With the help of both companies Shurvell designed a brand new 66-meter Avanti yacht, capable of accommodating up to twelve overnight passengers. The cost for the yacht is around 80 million euros plus another three to four million euros annually to keep it in running condition.

Frans Heesen continues to focus on innovation and design since founding the Dutch company in 1978. While Heesen doesn’t build the largest yachts in the business, the company’s claim of being the most innovative seems justified. Its largest yacht created is 80 meters while the world’s largest yacht is 156 meters.

Heesen’s custom yacht business launched over 170 super yachts over the last 40 years including its first yacht, the 20-meter Amigo in 1979 and its most recent yacht, the 50-meter Home. Built last year, the Home is the world’s first hybrid-powered fast displacement yacht. The company also created the fastest luxury yacht, named after the 1983 James Bond film, the Octopussy, when it launched in 1988.

There is no such thing as “mission impossible” since every Heesen yacht is custom built. Anything you can dream of adding to the yacht is possible. have the ability to choose a spiral glass staircase, a soundstage, helipad and almost anything imaginable.

Heesen’s favorite design partner Winch, tailors very specific interiors and exteriors for the yacht, catering to every individual client’s needs. In the first meeting with Winch, the company talks with its client to figure out the specs, details and features of the yacht before customizing it.

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