The shortlisted winners for this year’s upcoming Grand Prix D’Horlogerie De Geneve on November 9, were officially announced last month, while there were plenty of truly exceptional watches in the line-up. Swiss watchmaker Krayon improved its Everywhere Horizon watch, since it first debuted last year, and even made it amongst the shortlisted winners. The Men’s Complication category typically contains exceptional timepieces, that include tourbillons, minute repeaters, and perpetual calendars. While these, too, are quite breath-taking, every now and then a truly remarkable piece will come along, in which it pushes the boundaries on horology.

This year in particular, it was the Krayon Everywhere Horizon, which is the company’s first produced watch; though you wouldn’t have known it as it certainly made an entrance. The Everywhere Horizon is new and improved compared to the original Everywhere watch. It also features a white gold case with 94 baguette diamonds, a 22-karat gold micro rotor, which can be seen through the caseback, and 80 hours of power reserve. Robb Report notes this is “a watch dreamed up by Remi Maillat—a mad scientist, a true lover of horological innovation, and a man who has an absolute passion for his craft.”

Aside from the beauty displayed, the magnificent mechanical engineering provides the precise times of sunrise and sunset in any location around the world. It even does it mechanically via 595 cautiously assembled components within a 42 mm case with 6.5 mm thickness. Programming is simple as you choose any location by setting the date, latitude, longitude, and UTC via a pusher on the left side of the case.

While other brands have produced watches that display sunrise/sunset times, none of those watches are capable of being programmed, unlike Krayon Everywhere Horizon. It is possible for the sunrise/sunset to generally be set to your preference of city, however, it needs to be done at the factory, prior to when the watch was purchased. Specially shaped cams correspond to a precise location and city, which is needed to be created in order to properly display information. Furthermore, your watch is restricted to only display information for a single city of your choice.

But not with the Krayon Everywhere Horizon watch, which has smashed all boundaries in that category. With Krayon’s masterpiece, you can select the date, latitude, and longitude of any city you wish and the correct information will be displayed.

The watch is quite the timepiece, with a current price of 775,000 CHF ($778,773 at current exchange). The Everywhere is also offered as a completely-customizable piece such as case material, engravings, diamond settings, movement finishing, custom engraved bridges, a custom engraved micro-rotor, and miniature painting or enamel dials. Currently only five timepieces are being made per year.

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