So, I guess I’m crazy

I got this email from The Venetian in Las Vegas, the subject line is “Celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Venetian”.   I considered  getting a room on the strip for the night, but with most rooms in decent hotels running at $400 +, it’s hard to legitimize when I live 10 minutes away.   But this email lists suites for $119”.   But not really…

You might notice that the package is for The Palazzo.   I recently posted a couple complaints about The Palazzo, so I wasn’t thrilled about going back.   But at $119 for a suite on New Year’s Eve, it seemed like a good enough deal to let my past experiences slide.   It’s not that bad of a hotel.  

But when I called to move forward on this, I was told that the $119 package was not good for New Year’s Eve.   I gave the rep my promo code from the email, and she checked it out.   Not good for NYE.   So, I told her what the email said.   She admitted that it did sound like it was meant for NYE, but she said she has not seen the email.   So I decided to email her the email.

At this point I’m confident that she will see this and say, “yes, this does say for NYE, so let’s book it for you.”.   But of course that doesn’t happen.   She reads over the email and says that it doesn’t specifically say the offer is for NYE.  

Just in case you can’t read the image, here is what it says:

Subject: Celebrate New Year’s Eve at The Venetian and The Palazzo

The Palazzo Suite Package

  • From $119/NT!   Includes $150 In Resort Credits Daily!

Spotlight On

  • David Spade Live at The Venetian!


  • New Year’s Eve Events
  • New Year’s Eve Suit Package

Then it goes on to list all the deals I get with my package for $119.   So, maybe I’m crazy, let me know what you think.


  1. You’re not crazy. The email seems pretty clear to me, they just want to bait and switch. You would think Venetian would be above this sort of thing.

  2. You aren’t crazy at all and I wouldn’t stop with that rep, especially with your past experiences. Don’t you already have the name of one of the managers? That ad is just dishonest and wrong and it really should be honored. Then the Palazzo / Venetian should send out another email with the correction. What has happened to good customer service lately?

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