Buddha Boy Returns to the Jungle

Ram Bahadur Bamjan, or Buddha Boy as the world now knows him, has returned to the jungles of Nepal to go back to his meditating in solitude.   Bamjan, now 18, has fascinated the world with his meditation habits.

Some believe that Bamjan has been meditating without food and water since 2005.   Since Ram heads off to the jungle often, it’s hard to verify anything that extraordinary, but no one was gotten a good photo of him downing a Coke either.

There are some who believe Bamjan is the reincarnation of Siddhartha Gautama, The Buddha, or “The Enlightened One”.   But a Buddhist scholar named Rakesh told AP news that being the Buddha means the last birth, and the highest level obtainable.   So therefore there is no reincarnation of Buddha.  

At best, he is a man inspiring faith in others.   At worst, he is a product of a Nepalese tourism marketing campaign.   Either way, I like Bamjan.  

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