Banned from Chaotic Game

My son, who has spent the last few months getting excited about the Chaotic game, was banned from the game last week for trying to enter his cards.  I had ordered a big box of cards from eBay, including both starter decks and a case of 24 cards.  Part of the “fun”  of the game is the player then has to manually enter each unique number on every card.

I guess they have installed something that is supposed to stop people from hacking the system and putting BS numbers in.  But since Michael is not an experience data entry person at 13 years old, he may have made a few mistakes while entering the hundreds of cards.  So the game has banned him.

We have sent a trouble ticket to the support staff, but it’s now been 4 days and we have not heard back.  I’m guessing we won’t get a response.  This game has been plagued with delays and bugs, and I’m guessing this is just yet another one.  I’m not overly surprised since they have actually built an online game in .net, which is pretty faulty logic to begin with.

Has anyone else had issues being banned from the Chaotic card game online?

Update: I keep getting people, mostly in broken English, asking me to fix the game.  There seems to be some confusion that either I, or  USWeb, own Chaotic.  We don’t have anything to do with it.  I agree that is sucks, that’s why I wrote this blog post.  Good luck.


  1. it keeps screwing up and telling me to log in when i do it sends me to the menu all the time. after entering all those cards they gonna ban me for making 3 mistakes out of 70,jacked up

  2. Just to clarify, yet again, I do not own Chaotic. Please don’t send me requests for help. I don’t even play the game. I agree that the system sucks, that’s why I posted this.

  3. I agree that we should reserve our judgment because it is still in beta. I am no computer genius but wouldn’t it be better for each page to be a diffrent website name like if I am omn this website and I click community the website changes. I just am so mad because Im a kid and I can’t even play cause i am BANNNED MAD DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I sent a signed copy by attachment to an e-mail to get Luke activated on Chaotic site and he still cannot get in to play game. Why not?

  5. i bought my son the chaotic cards so he could play online which cost me £20 only for him to get banned entering the codes, there is no simple instruction on the chaotic site on what to do once u have entered the codes either, the cards are a waste of money and just will make alot of children very upset and will leave parents very angry like myself.

    • Sonja, I feel your pain. We try to be cool parents by getting our kids this stuff, and then we feel like they got ripped off. My kid looked forward to this game for a year, and then after spending a ton of money on cards, it kept banning him. And we can see by all the comments we're not alone. Chaotic sucks! Sorry you had that same bad experience.

  6. The guy probably made some counterfeit cards because who the hell would sell a deck on eBay for like $25 (random price) then he gets like $23 (random price) because he payed more before on taxes. If so then why the hell would he but the chaotic cards in the first place. I say the guy who sold it to you counterfeited the cards.

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