Apple made a surprising announcement that it will be removing  purchased films from iTunes accounts. But, wait it becomes even more shocking after the company announced there will be no refunds if your purchased film gets deleted. With the way technology is headed, physical media is becoming dead and many claim streaming is the future. Apple is proving that theory to be the opposite.

Reports began emerging that Apple will be completely deleting films from iTunes accounts whether they’ve been bought or simply rented. When people started complaining, Apple released an astonishing message. Apple says iTunes is just a “store front,” and not to put blame on the company if a film studio decides to stop making its titles available on iTunes.

To make matter worse, it appears if a purchased film gets removed from your account, you will more than likely not be entitled to get a refund, according to Forbes. One iTunes user in Canada directed a complaint towards Apple saying their

initial offer of a free $5.99 rental hardly seemed suitable recompense for him having three bought films summarily removed from his account. Apple replied saying, “our ability to offer refunds diminishes over time. Hence your purchases doesn’t meet the conditions for a refund.”

Although, in some instances, other iTunes users did receive a refund for their deleted films.

The bottom line regarding the subject is that Apple appears to be openly announcing that if you buy a film on iTunes you don’t really own it at all. The film may only stay on your iTunes account for as long as the film studio decides.

The Canadian user who did not receive much of a refund was directed to the Apple legalese page in response from Apple when he was told he would not be entitled to compensation for his deleted purchases.

John Archer, contributor to Forbes, says: “I’m also starting to receive reports today of the recent return of another major issue with iTunes movies: the downgrading of 4K HDR films to HD.” This issue began in 2017 after Apple TV 4K launched. Apple claims there was a labeling issue behind the main problem where films said they were HD but played as 4K.

Archer reached out to Apple for comment on these iTunes issues that users are experiencing and is awaiting an update if they respond.

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