Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts has been creating itineraries and travel experiences for world travelers since 2015. For just $147,000 per person, Four Seasons offers three-week adventures that span multiple countries and continents, complete with lodging in every destination. Now, the hotel & resort is offering its newest private jet, a narrowbody Airbus A321LR aircraft.

The new plane will be redesigned by Four Seasons to seat 48 passengers, each in a lay-flat first class seat. Bloomberg reports that the Airbus was selected for its ability to create great customizations, in addition to its longer range of flights, which creates more affordable, direct routes. Boeing jets tend to feature bright colorful themed interior, though this time around it appears to be more inspired by earth tones.

The new private jet will offer a lounge area, which features a full bar and mixologists ready to prepare anything you’d like. The lounge will also be used for interactive workshops, which will feature world-class chefs, wellness experts, arts-and-culture specialists, etc.

The comfy seats on the plane will be custom-made by Optimares, clad in Italian leather from Poltrona Frau. You will even get a personal ottoman to relax and a personal iPad on each seat to provide in-flight entertainment. The bathrooms are larger than residential ones, meanwhile, the galley’s were expanded to create more room for Four Seasons chefs to make cuisines from the next stop.

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