Adastra Trimaran Commissioned

Adastra trimaran
A couple in China have commissioned the Adastra Trimaran to be built. I can't wait to see the real thing move.

It seems like only yesterday that I was writing about the 2011 Mercedes sales report stating that their biggest sales increase are from the Chinese.   But a Mercedes has nothing on this slick toy.   A Chinese couple has just commissioned this 43.5m Adastra Trimaran, and I would love to get an invite to check it out.

This very cool yacht is being built by West Sussex, England based John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs, but is actually being built at McConaghy Boats, Zhuhai, China.   The client, a Chinese couple, Anto and Elaine Marden (not particularly Chinese names) has put down some serious cash to make this design into a reality.

The super yacht doesn’t just look space-age, the materials of which is contracted include carbon fiber with a Nomex honeycomb core, while the hull is made of a glass/Kevlar foam.

The amount of work that goes into something like this is unreal.   Most every hatch and hinge have to be completely custom made from materials that are durable and lightweight.

The custom yacht can hit speeds of 22.5 knots, and has a range of 4000 miles, while accommodating nine guests and a crew of 6.   The master cabin is located at the aft, with two guest cabins forward of the engine compartment below deck.

How this yacht would be great fun to cruise in, the real excitement must be for John Shuttleworth who spent 5 years designing it.   When I see concepts boats like this, I usually think it’s great, but will likely never be made.   It must be a dream come true for a shipbuilder to get the opportunity to make some so extraordinary.   So congrats to John Shuttleworth on this deal.

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