YouTube Good Video Contest

YouTube announces the $100,000 YouTube Good Video contest. Well, YouTube didn’t actually start any such contest. This is actually a clever spoof done by The Onion. I was actually fooled for a moment.

The Onion is making a statement on the current state of crappy YouTube videos. Most YouTube videos are a pain to watch because many users haven’t learned how to effectively use the medium. We all know that YouTube has some truly terrible, pointless content but what would the day be like if we didn’t have a daily dosage of internet idiots doing stupid things? The contest is a spoof from The Onion but it is definitely worth watching.

YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A ‘Good’ Video

The contest rules? Well, how about a video that is actually watchable and interesting?

“The only requirement for our winning video is that it be somewhat watchable or provide even a shred of enjoyment for people other than those who made the video. Because the idea of making a good video is new to so many of its users, Youtube offered a list of suggestions including, have some reason for making a video other than I own a camera owning a camera, make sure the subject of the video can be seen and shoot the video while sober”.

If you watch the video on YouTube there really IS an ‘Actually Good’ tab. I thought that was hilarious and glad to see YouTube going along with the joke. I was disappointed to find out that the contest wasn’t real. Maybe YouTube really should host this contest or one similar to it. I would love to see that.

YouTube adds a new Actually Good tab
YouTube adds a new Actually Good tab check it out at


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