Wilbur Eichman hired Charles Pernot as a hitman

From Newark, DelawareWilbur Eichman has been arrested and charged for the crime of hiring a man for money to assault his son-in-law. Eichmen offered 34 year old Charles Pernot $1,200 to assault his former son-in-law, and $3,000 more if the assailant was successful in cutting the man’s genitals off and bringing them back to him.

The plan quickly fell astray, however, when the victim yelled for help during the assault and the hired hit man got scared and ran away. Pernot then decided to make some cash off of the victim himself by offering him a deal. From his own cell phone, Pernot called the victim, and proceeded to bargain with him. He told him that for $500 he would give up a recording of the person who had ordered the assault. The victim agreed, and the met in a public place. After giving the man his money, the victim took the recording of the solicitation and recognized the ex father-in-law, who was later charged with criminal solicitation. The police were also able to use the cell phone call to track down the would-be assailant, who was subsequently charged with attempted robbery and burglary, as well as conspiracy.

Eichman was released after he posted a $500 bail bond.

Filthy Lucre Plant Database:

Elephantopus elatus Bertol.

Duboisia leichhardtii (F. Muell.) F. Muell.

Oxytropis sericea Nutt.

Musa L.

Lasthenia californica DC. ex Lindl. ssp. macrantha (A. Gray) R. Chan

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