Welcome to Filthy Lucre

Welcome to my newest blog incarnation.   The last time I made a major change to my blog was November of 06, so I thought it was time for an upgrade.   It was a difficult decision to change the domain, but I thought this name was much cooler, and shorter.   You may notice that OneBlogTooMany.com is still linked throughout the site.   I decided to not 301 re-direct, but rather just mesh the two together.   This will allow the search rankings I hold for OBTM to remain, while new content will be going on FilthyLucre. Part of my decision to change the name is that I wanted to clarify the direction of my blog.   This is still my personal blog and will contain postings about family, friends, etc…   But I also wanted to start adding in some postings that I thought people with a similar lifestyle might appreciate.   I will be trying to post more about money, travel, politics, and other areas I previously steered clear. I’m a big fan of Tim Ferriss’s book The 4-hour Work Week.   I’m hoping that the blog picks up other fans of the new rich lifestyle and that they contribute.   There are far too few resources for us online, so I hope to contribute.



  1. Interested in how you got this domain name. I am interested in buying a number of domain names, but prices I am quoted are ABSURD! (In the thousands of US$)

    How did you end up buying yours? (And do you think it is worth it?)

  2. Thomas – Sorry for the delay in responding.

    I the name would great for a blog, so I went to the site. When I saw there was nothing there, I decided to look up the WhoIs and emailed them asking if they would be interested in selling. They came back saying it wouldn’t be cheap but to make an offer.

    My initial offer was $300, which I really meant as a very lowball offer. They came back at $800. I was surprised how low they went, but I countered with $500, and we settled on $700.

    I know what you mean about prices, they get outrages. But I’m happy with the price of this one. Not as happy as paying $10 through GoDaddy, but still okay with it.

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