Veronica Hairston is a huge football fan and husband abuser

Neptune Beach, FL — A lot of people go crazy over college football, and Veronica Hairston is no exception. She and her husband were at a Day’s Inn hotel in Florida drinking alcohol and watching her football team, the Florida Gators play their annual game against his team, the Georgia Bulldogs. The Gators were winning the game, so Veronica started taunting her husband, giving him a hard time about his team losing the game.

Though he got angry, instead of retaliating her husband tried to leave the hotel room with his luggage. Veronica kept him from leaving by getting more aggressive. She bit him on the inner thigh and punched him in the face several times. At that point, she fled on foot, possibly to avoid being there when he retaliated, or because she knew what she did and was afraid of the cops coming to arrest her. If it was the latter, running away was all in vain. Police were called to the scene and found Veronica after a quick search of the area. She was booked on a charge of domestic battery. Her husband should be commended for not hitting Veronica back for any of her actions that day.

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