, what you should know.

I had some dealings with recently. Here are a couple issues I ran into which shed some light on the downside of using them.

1. Once you buy tickets for a show, you’re stuck. I tried to push back the show to a later time a couple days before, and I had a lot of problems. I was told at the hotel that if I purchased through them, there would be no issue. But, because I used, I had to go through them. After calling and being disconnected twice, I got through to someone who told me they would call me back. They never did. I called back and was told that the info the first person gave me was incorrect. And when I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was pretty much ignored. The third call was yet another different answer. Finally we got things done on the 4th call.

2. Upon arriving to the show at the Blue Man Group theatre, I got the tickets which I paid the maximum amount for. They sucked. After talking (bribing) the guy at the ticket counter, he let me know that reserves the entire right of the stage. They don’t ever have any center tickets. So when you buy from, you will not ever get center tickets regardless of how much you spend. may be an easy way to shop around, but after you find the show or room you want, call the hotel directly.

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