Trump Towers Sex Trafficking

Ksenia Khodukina Facebook Selfie

It seems Trump can’t go more than day without having his name connected with Russian scandals. From his pathetic display in Helsiknki, to the latest bombshell of Maria Butina infiltrating the right wing and NRA, sometimes employing sex, and now married Russian-Miami pimps (I can just picture the gold and Gucci clad couple now) get busted for running girls from Mother Russia. 

Husband/Wife team, Yevgen Rizanov and Ksenia Khodukina ran a website called “Russian Dolls”, which is about as discreet as Russian-Miami people can muster. It turns out that Russian Dolls’ business model was to fly attractive Russian women to the U.S., have them engage in sexual activity with men in exchange for money, and of course taking what I’m certain was a hefty commission. I’m sure this comes as a shock to anyone thinking they sold matryoshka (Russian nesting) dolls. 

Investigators say they started looking into the 29-year-old couple after arresting two Russian women for prostitution, and they told them everything about the organization. I’m not sure how impressive that is for anyone involved. 

The NY Post quoted Assistant Manhattan DA, James Lynch, “they ran a sophisticated long-term operation promoting prostitution” and that the defendants “split the money with the women, but dictated the percentage they could keep.” I’m guessing it was not a great split. 

What does this have to do with Trump? Well, if you’re a couple of 20-something Russian-Miami pimps from NY, what’s the tackiest location you can choose to live? Trump Towers, of course. Although it should be noted the Towers are not actually owned by Trump. Like most his deals, it’s owned by someone else, in this case the Dezer family. They just stuck Trump’s name on the place to (presumably) class it up. It should also be noted this is in an area called Sunny Isle (aka Little Moscow), which is coincidently Trump’s nickname in the locker room. 

Let’s also give a plug to Ksenia Khodukina’s Hallandale Beach beauty salon, Beauty by Ksenia. I’m sure they do great work making women look like Russian prostitutes. 

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