Tigers as Pets

Tigers are one of the most exotic and rare species of large cat that can be kept as a pet. Taking on a tiger as a pet should be handled with great care. These large animals are wild and can become expensive and dangerous. In most cases the idea of owning a tiger is delightful but unrealistic. In the United States, it is estimated that there are around 10,000 to 15,000 tigers kept as pets or in private facilities.

Tigers will need to be licensed. You can contact your state wildlife agency to find out the state requirements. County and government agencies should also be contacted as well as animal control. Some cities do not allow tigers to be housed within city limits. Owning a tiger in the United States is extremely restrictive because it is not only a threat to you but also your neighbors, family and friends.
A tiger needs a very large enclosure of at least 500 square feet. This is where the tiger is going to be spending most of its life so it should be comfortable. Proper fencing is incredibly important. Ideally, the fence should be made of 9-guage cyclone fencing at least 8 feet tall with a ceiling.

Training is the most important tool you will use with a tiger. Most of the training comes from experience. A tiger is a very dangerous animal to have living in and around your home so it is important that you take extra safety precautions when dealing with one.

A wild cat of this size and species needs fresh meat to survive. They are carnivores and regular feline diets will not work for this cat. There are many meat packing places that will sell fresh meat, call around and see if you can find one locally. A tiger usually needs to eat in-between 1-3% its body weight per day.

A wild animal can never be trusted or predicted. They should only be handled by professionals and people with years of experience.

Finding a veterinarian that treats exotic pets can be difficult especially when dealing with a large cat of this size. Contact your local veterinarian and find out if they will treat this pet or if they can refer you to one who does.


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