The Stress of Health Care Reform

The stress behind health care reform is unbelievable to me.   It’s not so much that people care, it the type of people that supposedly care so passionately.

Let’s look for example at the GOP.   After eight years of running up the largest deficit in U.S. history, they are suddenly concerned about the amount of money we spend. I’m a true fiscal conservative.  I flinch a little every time I hear about funding a new government  program.

But seeing how when President Bush came into office, the national debt clock was stopped (because it was not built to run backwards), and by the end of his term they needed to add another digit to the box, I can’t see how the GOP can claim to be working towards small government.   The literally broke the national debt clock with their spending, and what do we as American have to show for their spendfest?   I’m not felling any wealthier after 8 years of George W.

As hypocritical as the GOP is, the ones that really blow my mind are the ignorant Glenn Beck zombie masses that show up to town hall meetings, comparing Obama to Hitler, because he wants to insure American citizens.   I would find it difficult to believe that these people are the well-insured affluent that insurance companies protect.   More than likely, these are the people who are either uninsured, or under-insured and don’t know it.

The Hitler comparison is beyond hyperbole, it’s nothing short of a demonstration of ignorance to both our current social issues, and the disgusting history of a mad man who wanted to rid the world of minorities, not insure them.

The demonstrations, now including idiots with loaded assault rifles strapped to their backs, has taken over the debate.   The genuine issues (like real cost of the program, the effects on Medicare, the public option vs. single payer, etc…) are all lost in the noise of revved up crowds that look more appropriate at NASCAR or UFC events than a political rally.

But a large part of the blame falls on me, and the rest of us normal people.   While the ignorant shout obscenities at our leaders, us educated stay at home relaxing with scented candles, watching Mad Men.   It’s up to us, the silent, educated, non-Bill O’Rielly watching, to make our voices heard.

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