The funeral flowers process

I just read a press release about how an online florist handles funeral flower orders. It made me think about all the times I sent flowers and things didn’t go as planed. But imagine a florist screwing up an order with flowers for a funeral!
According to their press release, Dot Flowers actually calls the funeral home and double checks the date and time of the funeral, and then calls the delivering florist and confirms with them. It seems like that would be a hassle to do on every funeral order, but I guess if you consider the average order size of a person buying for a funeral, and then factor in how incredibly pissed they would be if the order was screwed up, it makes sense.

Hopefully I won’t have to deal with a funeral order anytime soon.


  1. I have to say I was very skeptical at first to send flowers online as I had a bad experience with some of the online florists to send my orders to Hong Kong and sometimes to Taipei. I also tried companies like but they did not have a good selection. I tried but they did not respond to my emails. I also don’t like some of the local florist as I also had a bad experience and felt the florist didn’t do a good job. I finally did a google and yahoo search and found somewhat of an unknown company called The website was just okay but they had the flowers I liked. So I finally decided to take the risk and try them out. When my girlfriend received the flowers she said the flowers were very fresh and nicely designed. So I have to say this really made my day to find out I made my girlfriend’s day as well. SO I finally decided to start using for the past year and sent a number of bouquets to my girlfriend and now we are married! So she told me I ought to thank this flower site. Hahah…. SHe is kind of right and I think they deserve a lot of credit for doing a good job. I’d still say they need to improve their website design but the design of their flowers were outstanding and that is what counts and counted for me.

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