Telephone Technology

I get too many telemarketer calls. I think the guy who had this number before me was a big shopper. Between his telemarketing calls and his collection calls, I can’t get the phone to stop ringing. And since I often work from home, it’s pretty annoying. I have tried the approach of telling this people they have the wrong info, and that didn’t work. I have then tried having fun with it by telling the people that I will go and get him, then leaving the phone on the table for 30 minutes. I have tried being rude and yelling at them. But in the end, these people make minimum wage to make calls, and they don’t really care if it bothers me.

So I started to look for solutions. The fact that we live in a world where the telezapper is an actual popular product is insane. I signed up to the do not call registry, but that doesn’t seem to do much. So, I have to buy something like the telezapper. But I want a product that also just blocks certain numbers. It seems that progressive management services won’t believe that they have the wrong information and keep calling. So, I have to get a better product like the Caller ID Manager. This thing is $99. I’m certain that it’s a high margin item. My question is, why do phone makers not include technology like this into the phones? I paid a lot of money for my Motorola phone system. It has the extra handsets, caller ID, speaker phone, 5.8 ghz. and a bunch of other stuff. But if another maker had those features, and included the telezapper type technology, and was able to block numbers, or have a sleep mode, I would buy that in a heartbeat.

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