Swedish Electric Surfboard Brings New Speeds to Water

Swedish company, Awake, has released a new, premier electric surfboard that will change the surfing community. Awake has introduced a new electric board called the RÄVIK, which is now the lightest board on the market according to marketing coordinator Gustav Kjellberg. The Swedish company, Awake, manufactures high-performance electric surfboards in hopes of becoming the leader in electric surfboard manufacturing.

Not only will the RÄVIK have superior acceleration performance, it will also be superior in terms of battery life and charging time. The carbon fiber body surfboard is designed to reach speeds up to 35 mph in as little as four seconds. While doing a mixed style of riding, the user can enjoy a ride time of 40 minutes after only an 80-minute charge. The RÄVIK comes with a wireless throttle to maintain control of the electric surfboard but steering is left up to the rider’s leg and core strength.

Awake’s electric board, the RÄVIK, is not the first electric surfboard on the market but it is the lightest and possibly one of the most powerful electric boards. Awake’s CEO, Philip Werner, described the market for electric surfboards stating,  “The market for electric surfboards has seen a stagnation in new products that push the limits of what these machines can do. Not much has happened with respect to power and agility, and even less attention has been given to exterior design and user experience. The Awake RÄVIK completely disrupts the existing electric surfboard arena, and is our statement that great design and great performance belong together.”

 The Swedish company, Awake, used composite materials to make the electric surfboard a lightweight craft, which is essential for the achieving high speeds desired. The carbon fiber on the board allows it to withstand hard impacts while also protecting the electrical components that keep the surfboard functioning.

While designing the motor for the electric surfboard, Awake had one key factor in mind-adrenaline. The 11kW electric motor delivers the speed for the surfboard, allowing it to reach speeds up to 35 mph. They even added watertight seals to eliminate the need for any internal coolants which also minimizes maintenance.

The exchangeable battery pack of the RÄVIK uses lithium-ion cells designed to meet the intricate requirements of the surfboard. The battery also features an integrated LED indicator to let the rider know when the battery is getting low and it is time to head back to charge.

Awake has begun taking pre-orders on August 1st, 2018 but the delivery of these water sport changing surfboards will not start until September of 2018.  The RÄVIK does not come cheap, the board has a selling price of $22,100. Is it worth breaking the bank over? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

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