Companies such as JetSuite, JetClass, JetSmarter, and a number of other air charter providers began introducing semi-private services, while Surf Air joins the bandwagon with its new program. Surf Air Express offers fliers the chance to purchase seats on Surf Air flights, without the commitment of signing up for an unlimited membership.

Surf Air was founded in 2011 and is based on a membership ranging from $1,950 to $2,950 monthly. The company enables its fliers to travel on as many Surf Air flights as they desire in its California and Las Vegas network, with a total of 11 destinations. Surf Air even expanded further with similar networks in Texas and recently Europe.

By igniting its Surf Air Express, it eliminates the all-you-can-fly monthly membership, in exchange of an annual membership of $2,500, which enables customers to book a one-way seat on semi-private flights for a flat fee of $445. This particular move allows customers more flexibility in choosing when they fly, while also catering to a different sense of lifestyle.

Robb Report notes that the standard Surf Air membership is great for business people, or Bay Area to L.A. commuters. Surf Air Express is better for travelers who would like to use their membership for a relaxing getaway every once in a while. The catch, however, is Surf Air members are restricted to a portion of the destinations that are typically unlimited for members to enjoy.

Like many other companies who embrace the semi-private model, Surf Air Express is aimed at younger travelers who may not have had the opportunity to fly on private jets before. With  services such as Surf Air Express, the potential to attract new demographics to charter flying may create its own next generation of customers.

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