Steven Cohen Investing In Crypto Hedge Fund


Steven Cohen has recently invested in a hedge fund that focuses on cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based companies. A blockchain is a public He made his investment through Cohen Private Ventures. Information was given on this from someone who wishes to remain unnamed since Cohen’s information was formerly private.

The hedge fund is called Autonomous Partners, which was started last year by Arianna Simpson. Arianna was an advocate in the early days of cryptocurrency development and spread. They have also secured investments from Union Square Ventures, a New-York based venture capital firm whose assets manage totaling $1 billion as of May in 2016.

Simpson said she was interested in investing in cryptocurrencies to serve as a general purpose money. Companies are building the next generation of financial infrastructure. Autonomous Partners are also investing on some large cap cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, according to Simpson.

Cohen Private Ventures invests in private equity as well also other long-term investments on behalf on Steve Cohen himself. However, comments from a representative at the first are currently being denied.

Crypto-dedicated funds have recently taken off. So far 249 crypto funds have opened, and according to Autonomous Research, 70% opened last year. This year has had a digital collapse in coin values, but hedge fund managers have still continued to walk into the asset class along with other investors.

As for the Cohen information tip, Fortune reported it on Thursday.

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