Steel Drake Designs the iPhone We Deserve

As consumers, there is always a desire to have the newest or hottest gadget but its often hard to keep up as new products are released every year.

The Steel Drake iPhone concept is meant to fit perfectly in ones hand.

It is often hard to tell the difference between last year’s model and this year’s new release. Despite that fact as consumers, we feel the need to get the latest and greatest model, so that we have access to all the greatest perks, accessories, and developments.  Consequently, many consumers are stuck buying generation after generation of iPhone or Samsung device as screens shatter and break.  In turn, the cost to fix the broken phone outweighs the cost of simply buying a newer, better model.

Instead of thin, the phone goes ergonomic.

Many consumers are left spending large amounts of money on devices that they use for only a short period of time. It appears that the newest design for an iPhone attempts to alleviate these concerns. It is rumored that the newest generation of iPhone will have many new features that consumers across the spectrum will want.

The Steel Drake design features under display cameras. No notch.

Steel Drake is credited with the newest iPhone IQ design, and although the model has not been confirmed, it is certainly drawing attention. Let’s take a look at a few of these new features. Most notably, the new iPhone, known as the iPhone IQ, is moving away from the traditional glass body used on the newer generation iPhones and reverting back to the metal-backed design.  Bringing back the metal will, in turn, strengthen the phone and make it less susceptible to cracks and shatters. Even more, the metal back on the iPhone IQ will be slightly curved, which will make it better fit the user’s hand.  This model moves away from the focus of getting smaller and skinnier and instead focuses on being the easiest to use, by being both easy to hold and shaped in a way that is optimal for viewing.

The extra space allows an improved lens for quality pictures, instead of 2 or 3.

While those pictures alone are enough to make the consumer’s mouth water, there is more. With the curved screen, the new iPhone IQ will have a virtually borderless display and an overall larger size. In addition, it will feature an invisible camera and hidden sensors which are located beneath the display. Finally, the phone won’t need a case to be protected thanks to its curved features and enhanced use of steel instead of glass.

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