Stanley Carter Lives in Attics

Wilkes-Barre, PA— Stanley Carter, 21, had formerly been staying with a few friends in part of a duplex before his presence was no longer desired.   The man was asked to leave the location and on December 19, Stanley disappeared.   A few days passed and the family put in a missing person report with the police.   Unbeknownst to the family, Carter had not traveled very far.

Stacy Ferrance resided in the other half of the same duplex with her three children.   At first, when things were coming up missing, Ferrance believed that someone possessed an extra set of keys to the duplex.   When expensive things like an iPod, money, and a laptop came up missing she filed a police report.   The following day, Ferrance found a man’s footprints inside her closet in the bedroom and again called in the police.   While investigating Ferrance’s complaint, the police noticed sounds coming from the attic.   After receiving no response, K9 units were called in.  

Carter had been staying in the attic of the duplex which he had accessed from the neighboring half of the location.   The sounds of dogs below the attic were enough to get Carter to respond to police and he eventually came down.   He is now staying at Luzerne County Jail with $25,000 bail set, and has been charged with theft and burglary.   Carter is also wanted in Arkansas for bad check writing, several misdemeanors, and for failure to pay on fines.

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