Spyra One Water Gun

The latest and greatest water gun is now available and features an innovative design sure to increase both accuracy and precision.  Previous water guns, which ran out of water in a matter of seconds, are truly things of the past.

Spyra, a German-based company, set out more than two years ago on a mission to create the best water gun on the market.  They posted their idea on Kickstarter in order to get the funding they needed to create prototypes and to get the gun to market.  They set out with an original goal of $59,000, but to date have raised over $313,000, more than five times their initial goal.

When examining the water gun’s features, its method of shooting is perhaps the most innovate. Rather than shooting a continuous stream, the water gun shoots 30 ml water bullets.  In addition to the bullets, the water gun operates on a patent-pending valve-nozzle technology which allows users to hit their targets up to 7.5 meters away.  More accurately, the gun promises bullets that stay tight, or are accurate, up to 15 feet and are still effective at a distance of up to 30 feet.  The clear advantage here is that instead of soaking, the water bullets splat more like a paintball gun.

With traditional water guns, refilling was one of the most painful parts of the fight.  The process of turning on the hose and filling the gun manually until it reached full capacity was tedious.  More than that, removing and replacing the cap left the user vulnerable to enemy fire.  The Spyra One allows for simple water fill from any source, as the front of the gun just needs to be held into the water.  From there, the water gun can be refilled simply with a push of the button. In addition, the new water gun mitigates the last shot of the gun, which is often a small trickle.  The Spyra One contains a digital display which shows exactly how many shots you have left in the tank, sort of like a magazine in a real gun. Each full fill of the gun gives 25 bullets.

Unlike other water guns, the Spyra One is also battery operated, meaning there is no longer a need for manual, cumbersome pumping.  The digital display, which displays the number of available bullets, also shows when it is time to recharge the battery.  On average, the Spyra One boasts a battery life of approximately 1125 shots, which is more than 45 refill cycles.  The USB-C connection on the gun allows for an easy recharge with a total charging time of about six hours.

The exterior features of the gun are ergonomically friendly and designed with the human hand in mind. The handle of the gun is made of texturized rubber, making it ideal for good grip, even when wet.  The outer shell of the gun is also made of a rugged outer shell which promises maximum durability in many different water fights. The Spyra One also comes in a variety of colors, most prominently red and blue.

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