Sheriff says no more evictions

Anyone with a little experience knows that in a time of crises, heroes can be made.   Sheriff Thomas J. Dart has just stepped up to the plate as possibly one of the first heroes of this financial melt down.  

With record foreclosures, more and more people are being left without homes, and credit too battered to recover.   If they don’t have understanding family, or super-understanding friends, they are really screwed.   Well it seems that one Sheriff has had enough and said he is suspending foreclosure evictions for the time being.

You may be thinking what I was, “probably a small town sheriff who doesn’t want to evict friends and family.”   Well, I was way off.   This is Sheriff Thomas J. Dart of Cook County Illinois. Cook County contains little towns like Chicago.  Not exactly the place you would think to find the polar opposite to the Sheriff of Knottingham.  

Call him crazy, call him irresponsible (that’s what the Illinois Bankers Association is calling him), but you can sure as hell call him re-elected!   Sheriff Dart, right now I’m pointing at your picture and saying “you the man!”, and it’s meant in the most positive way possible.  


  1. Glad to see somoene sticking up for the people getting screwed by the banks. But he is refering only to renters, not home owners.

  2. As a former resident of Cook County’s Big Red neighbor, all I can say is “Bravo!” — but if what they say about Chicago politics is true, it won’t be long before they have him cleaning out his office.

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