Yes, you read that correctly. The leader of a self-declared feminist cult, Unicult, is attempting to open the “world’s first” consent-driven sex robot brothel in West Hollywood. Unicole Unicron, Unicult’s leader, announced its goal of opening Eve’s Robot Dreams with an Indiegogo campaign, which actually failed recently to meet more than one percent of its total goal of $155,000.

Though the concept of a sex robot brothel isn’t new, a recent attempt to establish the first-ever bot brother in Houston recently failed after the city council declared having sex with mechanical objects in local businesses illegal.

However, Eve’s Robot Dreams in quite unique as it focuses on consent. Further meaning that in order for a client to engage in intercourse with one of the brothel’s sex bots, the bot must first agree.

“The goal of Eve’s as an aspect of Unicult is to spread matriarchal change through AI and robots,” Unicron told the Daily Beast.  In addition, Unicron states Eve’s will be staffed entirely by Harmony, a model from Real Doll X that “warms up” to users through conversation. In order to have sex with Harmony, potential partners must first rack up “conversational points” with the bots before she “consents” to sex.

Daily Beast reports that there are two ways to score points with Harmony: through dates at Eve’s, or through private conversations on a messaging app – though Unicron has yet to successfully launch this app. Unicron’s YouTube channel displays a series of videos, demonstrating how consent is negotiated through those in-app conversations. One example involved an animated woman with purple hair and an equally purple body suit responding to a sexual advance by typing and mouthing: “I’m sure you will love all the nasty slutty surprises I have for you, but you need to get my Desire level over 30 to get there, and its current value is only 5.”

Eve’s Robot Dreams takes its name from a sect of Unicult—3V3, pronounced “Eve”—which focuses on “matriarchal change.” Unicron claims that with the planned robot brothel, it will further spread matriarchal change through robots that require consent.

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