Trying to define the ideal body for a woman has been quite a debated topic. As time goes on, the idea of beauty continues to change, and even scientists are adding to the history books of what the ideal woman’s body is.

If you were to flip through a fashion magazine today, you’d believe that the ideal woman’s body is skinny – as skinny as possible actually. However, according to researchers at the University of Texas, the ideal woman’s body measures 1.68 meters in height (5’5”), while the bust/weight/hip measurements are 99-63-91.

If you are like me and can’t picture what those measurements actually look like, there is an English model, 34-year-old Kelly Brook, that we can use as the perfect reference. Kelly is an actress and model from England, and also what some researchers refer to as having the ideal woman’s body.

Some scientists claim that Kelly Brook’s all-natural and curvy body type is ideal in terms of attractiveness, but why is attractiveness so important, besides the beautiful features to look at? Well, some signify it as one of the most important traits in humans.

According to some scientists, attractiveness is seen as a sign of fertility, while a certain scientist claims a full figure signifies that a woman is capable of not only handling pregnancy but can also complete the task of feeding the child as well.

There were even studies conducted, which demonstrated when there are two men from different backgrounds, they will most likely be attracted to the same women. The study suggests that those chosen are more youthful and have healthy characteristics.

This leads us to our next big question – where did the ‘skinny model’ trend emerge from? Well, according to Jennifer Lee, former worker to the top designer Karl Lagerfeld, companies are just trying to sell clothes. Jennifer claims that fashion models are hired based on their ability to highlight the lines and structures of the clothing they wear, while people in the industry tend to feel that skinner models can do this best.

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