Ruby Rose is CW’s Batwoman

Variety and Deadline have reported that actress Ruby Rose, who currently is appearing in the giant-shark action movie The Meg, has been tapped to portray Kate Kane in the upcoming crossover special featuring Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl will also be in the potential Batwoman series that could possibly air in 2019.

Ruby Rose talks about her first bat wings while attempting to keep her emotions in check. The actress, who is commonly known for her role in the Netflix original, Orange is the New Black, and in John Wick Chapter Two, told Jimmy Fallon of her excitement regarding her new role as Batwoman.

“I feel like the reason I kept getting so emotional is because growing up watching TV, I never saw somebody on TV that I could identify with; let alone a super-hero,” Ruby Rose told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon also mentioned an incident backstage that made him choke up slightly due to Ruby Rose’s story.

Ruby said she has been going to hospitals on Halloween night visiting children, just to simply cheer them up, and now she will be able to bring even more smiles to children’s faces when she shows up in her Batwoman costume. Ruby Rose couldn’t hide her excitement from the crowd when speaking about being able to visit children in hospitals in her Batwoman suit. She is excited that the children will believe it is Batwoman, not her, in their rooms.

Later in the interview, Ruby Rose opened up about the first time she attempted to put wings on and act as Batwoman. Rose tells Jimmy Fallon, “My first attempt at Batwoman is when I was a kid, my mom has a little bat tattoo, a Batman tattoo, because she had pet bats growing up. She nursed these little pet bats back to life but then they couldn’t go anywhere because they were domesticated so they lived in the house and just [expletive] everywhere….She was telling me the story, and we grew up without a lot of money, so I would make my toys. I made bat wings out of little cardboard boxes. I would jump and she would catch me, and we had to keep gaffer-taping them because they were all soggy and gross. I just lived in them — and now I’ll get ones that aren’t made out of cardboard.”

Jimmy Fallon points out how Ruby Rose is genuinely happy, excited, and inspired by her new role. Ruby Rose will be the first openly gay actor or actress to play a major DC superhero. Batwoman was first introduced in 1956 but disappeared for quite some time, before she was finally reintroduced and reinvented in 2006.

“We’ll do a pilot for midseason, whether it goes to series, I cannot tell you,” Pedowitz said at the TCA summer press tour. “We have five [DC shows] on the air and just added a sixth night,’ said network President Mark Pedowitz in reference to the network anticipating a pilot for the Batwoman series.

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