Rubina Ali Qureshi for sale by father

I love Craigslist.   You can go on anytime of day and find just about anything for sale, easily available for local pickup, or delivery.   But imagine seeing this ad in Craigslist’ India:

For Sale: 9-year-old star of Oscar winning film   – $1,000,000
9-year-old girl for sale by owner (Father).   She is cute and was in the Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire.   Oscars Rubina played Latika in the movie.   The young cute one, not the old one.   She has been taught to sing, but still has her eyes.   She is wrapped up and ready to go.   Can deliver locally.

That’s right, Oscar Rubina, the young girl who played the young Latika is for sale by her father.   The story came out of the UK and is pretty sick.

The father offered up a reporter, who was undercover as a sheik, the young star for enough money to make him a Slumdog Millionaire, without all those pesky questions.   You can check out more on the story here.


  1. I think it is awesome, if the father can get his money from selling his daughter he should. Only in America are we not given chickens, sheep, cattle, land or money for marrying a woman. You know how it is, in some countries women are not held in the same regard as men.

  2. Well…this place never fails in surprising me man.. LOL.. Trusting you are all doing well today. Enjoy the day, and always keep smiling. Then stab someone in the chest as you continue to smile. LOL.

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