Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Gold Coast in Chicago discovered a way to transform a $320,500 car into an $800,000 car, while doing it all for a good cause. The company auctioned off a Rolls-Royce Wraith with a custom paintjob by Art J. Williams, Jr. for Chicago charities, which brought in nearly $800,000.

The dealership carefully decided who would be best in selecting their artists and ultimately chose Williams who happens to know a thing or two regarding additional value. Williams claimed his fame by starting out as a ‘counterfeiter’, who would reproduce the “unreplicable” $100 bill that the U.S. Treasury began issuing in 1996. Estimates claim that Williams printed nearly $10 million in false notes, but Secret Service ultimately caught him. Williams faced six and a half years in federal prison, in which he began creating legitimate art.

Williams expressed his personal story in vignettes throughout the Wraith. One example of this is the rear side panel of the car, which portrays the scales of justice. On the scales of justice, there is money on one scale and on the other scale are handcuffs that weigh down the scale. Benjamin Franklin’s portrait from the $100 bill is present along the side, in which Williams depicts him wearing a gas mask that provides a buffer from a cloud of paint fumes and money. The portrait represents the toxic aspects in his past. The front of the car is decorated with the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy logo that symbolizes a future of freedom.

During the auction, the car was quite popular and according to Robb Report, “clearly the headliner.” The combined lots and the car generated $1.5 million in sales. The money from the auction will be donated towards three local Chicago charities including the  Common Ground Foundation, After-School All-Stars, and Replace Guns with Hammers. All three charities focus on helping children and young people steer away from poor choices and into more constructive achievements.

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