Review of Medford Realtor Site

Cynthia Naumes is a realtor based out of Medford Oregon, and her site is a gateway to Medford real estate, as well as the surrounding areas like Ashland, Talent, Phoenix (yes, there is one in Oregon) and Central Point.
It’s a basic site with links to a MLS and her featured properties.

I moved to Ashland a little over a year ago, and I started looking for homes right away. The area is nice with clean school and no real crime to speak of. Although it appears that Oregon has a big meth issues they are dealing with, it doesn’t really seem to have any impact of Ashland.

There are drawbacks to living in a place in the “Rouge Valley†, which is really Jackson County. Air travel for example is less than optimal. Whenever I fly anywhere, I have to do a lay over in Portland, San Francisco, Denver or Phoenix. US Airways does have a direct flight to Vegas, but I’m not a huge US Airways fan. Flying out of the Medford airport is really simple, and I can usually arrive about 30 minutes before boarding and be just fine, as long as I already printed my boarding pass at home and have no luggage.

Another draw back is the lack of some basic stores. We have no Best Buy or Jamba Juice. Those sound like small issues, but when you buy as much junk and smoothies as I used to, it’s a serious life change. There is also not much of a mall. No Apple store, no William Sonoma, no good clothes stores. And when I wanted to buy a new car, I had to go with my second choice because there is no Lexus dealer in under 90 minutes from here.

So, back to the site review. It’s a basic realtor site, very fancy, but easy to use. It could use a face-lift, but if you’re looking for a local realtor site, it works quite well.
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