Walmart, Kroger and Target are making all wine drinkers’ dreams come true as all three companies plan to expand its wine stocks in stores across the country. The retailers will soon be emerging premium wines in its stores for super cheap, while some presume is a copy of Trader Joe’s successful “Two-Buck Chuck” and capitalize on America’s love for wine.

By trying a large variety of tactics, including new brands, partnerships and delivery choices, these big-box players are proving their wine’s sincere intentions of attracting the growing number of Americans that are replacing beer with wines and spirits. Walmart introduced ten private-label wines back in May, for $11 a bottle, which featuredrosés and vinos from Italy, France, and California. Nichole Simpson, Walmart’s senior wine buyer, told USA Today, consumers would “drink like a $30 to $40 bottle.”

“Consumers want to indulge within their means,” said Catherine Lang, an analyst at Kantar Consulting who has researched discount grocers and convenient stores like 7-Eleven expanding their wine selections. “The challenge and the opportunity for brands in wine is the ability to convey quality with their private label.”

Target introduced its $5 California Roots brand last year, in addition to California Roots Rosé, which it introduced earlier this year. Target, in yet another move, joined in partnership with  Yes Way Rosé, a brand who gained much attention on Instagram and sells for $12.99 a bottle at stores.

Wine is also a “growth category” for Kroger as well, who sells 80 wine lines, including exclusive brands like Storyteller for $2.99 to $29.99. Bloomberg reported last week that it will even begin piloting a wine home-delivery service in a range of markets. Although Kroger will not sell the wines under its own label, it is attempting to expand into an online alcohol delivery market. Slice Intelligence notes that online beer, liquor, and wine sales increased nearly 33 percent last year.

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