Diet Prada and Dolce & Gabbana’s Feud Now Includes a ‘#Please Say Sorry 2 Me’ T-Shirt

Steffano Gabbana is back to his Instagram shenanigans, this time involving Instagram account, Diet Prada. In October of 2017, Diet Prada posted a side-by-side comparison of a Dolce & Gabbana collection and an older Gucci collection on Instagram, targeting Gabbana and accusing him of copying Gucci’s original collection. Steffano Gabbana not only fired back on Instagram denying the accusations and writing “please say sorry to me,” he took it a step further and even made a T-shirt that features his demand for an apology. Months after the feud on Instagram he released his $481 T-shirt with the bold phrase right across the front of the T-shirt.

Diet Prada is known for pointing out people who rip each other off in the fashion industry through their Instagram account but this time Steffano Gabbana has the last laugh. Diet Prada’s original post included two pictures comparing the similarities of the two brands. The first image showed a display for the Gucci Ghost collaboration that Gucci did with Trouble Andrew and the second image shown was a from a Dolce & Gabbana collection. Though there were some key similarities such as the doodles on the walls of both images, Gabbana quickly defended himself on the accusations of being a “copy-cat.”

Diet Prada has accused Dolce & Gabbana of similar things before as well as several other brands including DSQUARED2, Yeezy, Richard Quinn, and Alexander Wang but most brands done bother to even respond. Gabbana on the other hand, has had several incidents where he has insulted people in Instagram comments so it’s no surprise he went after Diet Prada. He wrote back to Diet Prada on Instagram stating, ‘Darling, I make this job from 32 years, we made all this world in the ’90…. so, if you are ignorante is much better for you don’t say anythyng about this image… Gucci copy us in many different way!!! This is one of… please say sorry to me!!” Diet Prada responded:  ‘@stefanogabbana I think your visual display team should say sorry to you!’ Once again, Gabbana came back writing, ‘@diet_prada dear you need to take fashion lesson in some school before to speak … information is the top in fashion history,’ to which Diet Prada wrote back,’@stefanogabbana we have…there wasn’t much written about DG unfortunately.’

Steffano Gabbana has since deleted some of his Instagram comments, though he left many others that mocked Diet Prada. He decided his Instagram feud was not sufficient enough for him, so he took it a step further with his own comeback, a T-shirt. ‘#please say sorry 2 me’ is his latest comeback with the words printed on a T-shirt and is now available to buy for $481 as part of his new collection.


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