Sony’s PlayStation 4 will be turning six this November and we have been anxiously waiting to hear something regarding a possible PlayStation 5. Sony finally announced that it has been working on a new PlayStation console, though few details were given – until now.  The lead architect for the next-gen system, Mark Cerny, recently revealed some more details about the new console with Wired.

Cerny confirmed that this will be a new system and not another upgrade like the PlayStation Pro or Xbox One X. Technically, there is currently no official name and everyone seems to be calling it PlayStation 5 for now. Cerny wouldn’t reveal a name for the console either, simply calling it the “next-gen console.”

The new console will support backwards compatibility with the PS4, which means that gaming catalog won’t die with the system. However, it’s still unclear if the backwards compatibility will go back further than the PS4. The current version of the PlayStation VR will also be compatible while esquire notes its likely an updated version of the VR hardware will come later.

Many fans feared the next-gen console would only rely on downloaded applications, but to their excitement it will also allow for physical media, easing those fears. The system will be equipped with a variation of the AMD Ryzen third generation CPU, and a custom GPU from Radeon’s Navi line, Cerny said.

The GPU will support ray tracing and 8K displays, enabling top-quality graphics. The powerful solid state drive, which affects the load times, was also upgraded. Cerny showed off Spider-Man’s incredibly fast load time of 0.8 seconds on the new system, down from 15 seconds on the PS4 Pro.

Cerny said the console is still a way out, so you won’t be seeing it in 2019. Meanwhile, the release window and pricing are still unclear.

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