The world’s largest marijuana dispensary is about to open near the Las Vegas Strip and you won’t want to miss it. Planet 13, a massive weed dispensary, will open on Thursday November 1 with music and lights throughout its 40,000 square-foot building. Cannabis products for both medical and recreational use line the walls, while all surfaces are beautifully shined and new.

Spectacular LED lotus flowers inspired by Burning Man are featured on the top of the building, being complemented by a water fountain with LED lights and fog. Its owners are billing the dispensary as more of an experience with its five glowing orbs that dance through the air in the main room.

Guests can even ‘fake-graffiti’ a wall that is equipped with interactive lasers, and then taken photos before the drawings are digitally erased. There will also be 47-wide-screen TVs throughout the building. In August, Planet 13’s marketing director told Vice that the plan was to have customers “overwhelmed by the aesthetics.”

Oh wait – you didn’t want to just go for the aesthetics. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of marijuana as well. Planet 13 will offer its eponymous recreational brand, as well as its brand for medical use, called Medizin.

The actual dispensary itself within the complex takes up nearly 2,300 square-feet and it will remain open 24/7.  The Las Vegas Sun reports its owners expect at least 2,000 customers a day. To handle the rush, and keep its customers happy,  it installed forty-two cash registers.

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