Pastor Ken Huneycutt is a Child Molester

Ada, OK — Kenneth Wayne Huneycutt, a 60-year-old pastor of the New Hope Baptist Church, has been arrested for charges of molestation involving an 10-year-old and a 6-year-old boy.   When the boy’s mother finally found out what was going on she reported the information to the Division of Family Services in Pontotoc County.   An investigation was launched and the sheriff’s department was also notified.


The two boys were recently molested this past December: one of several incidents occurring in an eighteen month period.   Charges allege that Huneycutt not only inappropriately touched the boys but also forced the children to reciprocate and to promise to keep the incidents secret.   After being interviewed by Joe Glover, the Pontotoc County Undersheriff, Huneycutt made admissions to the crimes and further admitted that he had been involved in at least fifteen incidents with the children since last spring.   On several occasions, the boys actually spent overnight visits at the pastor’s home.  

Huneycutt claims that he is taking medication for blood pressure and he believes that it might have been responsible for his behavior.   He was also fairly upset that the boys broke their promise not to tell.   Huneycutt was arrested and charged with lewd molestation, and his bond was set at $100,000; he paid the bond, and Huneycutt is currently at home awaiting trial.

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