Parmigiani Fleurier Qualité Fleurier Toric

For years watches from the Toric Collection have stood out simply by not standing out.  These watches feature a simple design with feature round cases and conventional shapes.  While they appear simple, their features make them a true luxury.  This month a new Toric has been released and has received the highest certification a watch can receive: the Qualite Fleurier certification. The watch is set to be priced around $24,500 and is the Parmigiani Fleurier’s first-ever timepiece created by the watchmaker Michel Parmigiani.

The Qualite Fleurier certification is the only certification in the watch industry which takes the entire watch into account rather than just the movement of the hands.  In order for watches to receive certification, they are tested rigorously by the Fleruier Quality Foundation.  Each and every component and element of the watch is taken into effect by the certification team.  In total, the process to certify is an extensive five-step process that takes up to six weeks to complete.  According to Michel Parmigiani, who participates in the certification process: “The Qualite Fleurier is the F1 of watchmaking.  We do everything to assure a certain level of perfection.  Like the F1, we learn all the information we can about the watches through these tests, and ultimately it improves the quality of our timepieces in general.”

One of the biggest problems that arises from the testing is the limited quantity of watches.  In order to test for the certification, a certain number of watches need to be crash tested.  So for instance, if a total of 200 watches for a particular collection are produced, the Qualite Fleurier Foundation requires that 20 of the model are tested.  Thus, the testing itself becomes a very expensive measure; however, the certification substantially increases the watches’ value.

In total, the Qualite Fleurier certification offers a number of levels of certification.  First, it verifies the origin of every timepiece and certifies that the watch was 100 percent manufactured in Switzerland.  Secondly, it assures that metal, technical ceramics, or avant-garde materials are used and that everything is polished to perfection.  Thirdly, the certification ensures that the movement of the watch is COSC-certified, the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute.  Fourth, tests are conducted to examine at the shock resistance and test the temperature durability of the piece.  Last but not least, the watch is put in a simulator which re-creates human movement.  The watch must endure the test for 24 hours through activities similar to jogging and putting on clothes.

While the certification process is surely complex, it increases the value of the watch substantially. The newest Toric now has that added value as well as many other prestigious features.  The case of the Toric features an exquisite and decorative knurling technique, which has been used on Toric pieces for more than two decades.  In addition, the piece includes a hand-guilloched dial enhanced with gold features and javelin-shaped hands.  All of these features themselves are also Qualite Fleurier certified.

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