Panama’s Ultimate Private Resort

Twenty miles south of mainland Panama lies the only structure in the 14-island archipelago Islas Secas. The luxurious nine-casita eco-lodge resort begins in David, which is about a forty-five-minute flight from Panama City.  After the flight from Panama City to David, there is an hour-long boat ride through several waterways that lead into the open sea. Once through the rocky clumps of islands flanking the islands, the views of the Pacific are breathtaking.

Before the hidden resort was built, it is estimated that the last human habitation was nearly 600 years ago. Twenty miles from civilization, are fourteen beautiful islands and nearly eighteen guests throughout the Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge.

At Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge, their vision is to provide their guests with a spirit of adventure through providing world-class experiences that connect their guests to the timeless natural beauty and ecological abundance of Panama’s Pacific Coast. 100% of Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge is powered by natural energy and 75% is preserved by conservation as they aim to create a model for sustainable tourism with exhilarating recreation and warm hospitality.

After a day full of fun activities throughout the island, guests return back to the Casitas at the resort. Each guest has their own private sanctuary of modern comfort and luxury. There are four casita sites which all provide a private ‘island within the island’ experience.

Each of the four casitas is styled differently. The first, Casita Mirador, features a romantic one bedroom that provides couples with complete privacy and access to the expansive outdoor spaces. The second, Casita Sombras, is a two bedroom that is laid out amongst multiple levels within the vibrant landscape. This specific two-bedroom features two separate casita units that are spread among a short distance and sleep up to four guests.


The third casita site is the Casita Tres Palmas which is a two bedroom that is a great option for families. The casita is spacious and has access to the various outdoor spaces and a plunge pool. This site also features two separate casita units and can also sleep up to four guests. The last site, Casita Grande, is the largest site featuring a four-bedroom suitable for big families and groups. This specific site can sleep up to eight guests with King and twin beds.

All four casita sites are designed to fully connect guests to their surroundings and feature plush beds with amazing views and spacious indoor-outdoor showers. Some other amenities within the Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge include complimentary WiFi, international sockets and plugs, a French press, and flip-flops and bathrobes. To top it all off there is even a minibar with complimentary water, soda, beer, and healthy snacks.

The island offers a variety of adventures and activities to choose from including: snorkeling among the Gulf of Chiriqui, exploring the biodiversity of Coiba National Park, fishing in the Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa, and whale watching in the waters around Islas Secas.  The Islas Secas Resort & Lodge also offers therapeutic massages in the privacy of your own casita where you can relax, revive, and connect with your timeless surroundings.

Islas Secas is definitely the place where you can enjoy both privacy and exhilarating Panamanian adventures. The Resort & Lodge will not accept more than 18 guests at a time. Whether you are fishing for marlin, diving at Coiba National Park, or simply relaxing on your own private white sand beach, you will feel fully immersed in the natural beauty of the Islas Secas island paradise.

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