Oleksandra Nikolayenko-Ruffin

I posted a story last night about Phil Ruffin purchasing the Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas.   Each morning I check my Google Analytics to see which terms are bringing me traffic.  

Despite being on the first page for the term, Phil Ruffin buys Treasure Island, which is exactly what I wanted, my main term for this page seems to be ‘Phil Ruffin’s Wife’.   I thought this was odd, especially since I don’t actually mention the man’s wife on the page.   To be honest, I wasn’t aware he was married.   So I went to Google and did some checking.

Well, I see what the fuss is all about.   Oleksandra Nikolayenko-Ruffin is pretty damn hot.   Oleksandra Nikolayenko married Phill Ruffin back in January.   Before that Oleksandra Nikolayenko, the former Miss Ukraine and semi-finalist for Miss Universe, was a model/actress.   Not a bad pull for a guy from Wichita.  

You may have noticed a bit of an age difference, but it’s that big of deal.   Phil Ruffin was 72, and Oleksandra Nikolayenko was 26.   It may sound like a lot, but when he hits 76, she’ll be 30, and then it doesn’t look that unusual.  

So once again, search visitors to my site turn me onto something interesting.   There is a moral to this story.   If you want to marry Miss Ukraine, it helps to be a billionaire.  


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