NetNewsWire for iPhone – Review

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One of the biggest disappointment I had in the iniitla launch of the iPhone was that there was not a built-in RSS reader.   I made some attempts with using Google Reader on the iPhone, which is as good as a web-based reader can be for the iPhone, but it was far less useful than a software application.   And  that’s where NetNewsWire stepped in.

I had begun using NetNewsWire for my RSS years ago, but stopped when Mail included RSS; it was just easier to get my RSS while checking my mail.   But with the launch of NetNewsWire for iPhone, I downloaded what is no doubt the best reader on Mac and the iPhone.  

It’s been an amazing thing to just be sitting at a restaurant alone and load up my RSS feeds to read.   I’m amazed at how fast I can preview, read and even save posts with my iPhone.   The Add to Clippings feature allows me to save a post to read later on my computer.   I admit that adding my Clipping to the iPhone to read later would be a nice improvement.  

Having this has made going through RSS feeds much less of a chore and actually made it enjoyable again.  



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