I Need to Buy a New Car

I’m going to start looking for a new car this month.  I figure I’ll document the process, just in case anyone can benefit from what I learn.  I have given some thought to what type of car I need to get.

I have decided that I need 4×4 or AWD.  I live in Ashland, which is kind of in the mountains of Oregon.  Since this is a requirement, I’m most likely going to go with an SUV.  I know there are non-SUV’s that have AWD, but I don’t really want a station wagon.  And I really don’t like Subaru, so no one should suggest an Outback.  I just don’t like the brand, and they always feel cheap when I sit in them.

The drawback to an SUV is of course the mileage and the fact that they aren’t doing the environment any favors.  So I’ll be researching this end to see what I can find out about which one is the best in this regards.

On the up side, the SUV does provide the higher seating with better visibility.

Here are the rest of the requirements in order of priority:

  1. Safety
  2. Power
  3. Comfort
  4. GPS Navigation system
  5. iPod integration
  6. Stereo
  7. Leather Interior
  8. Power everything
  9. Remote starting

I’m not going to make a big deal out of brands, or even American vs. foreign.   The next step is basic research to narrow down the cars to test drive.

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