My addiction begins

As someone who works in the Web space, I think it’s important for me to experience popular things on the Web first hand. Sometimes I like them (RSS,, sometimes I just don’t get the appeal (myspace). One area I haven’t really gotten into is World of Warcraft, or WoW for us in the know.

My cousin likes these games, but I have never really felt compelled to play. And hearing about people like Leo Laporte having to remove the game from his machine made a little nervous about the possibility of some sort of addiction. But, I don’t really dig those type of video games. I prefer the simple fighting, shooting games like Mortal Kombat, and Quake. Most computer games just seem to involved. I like games I don’t have to install, and I don’t have to read anything beyond the simple label instructions above the joystick.

But after my son saw Shaun installing this game on his computer, he wanted it. Since Michael’s birthday present was a brand new iMac, he had the computer to handle it. And Shaun convinced me that it wouldn’t be bad. The game has a lot of reading, so it would help him practice, and get exposed to new geeky words.

So after Shaun installed a trial version of the game, and we decided that he liked it enough, we picked him up a copy.

But I still had little interest in the game. After watching Shaun play a bit, and then trying to help Michael figure out some of the areas, I decided to hop on and give it a try myself. I am embarrassed to say that I made it to level 7 in my first day, which according to Shaun is pretty good. And according to Michael, who is not big into sharing his new computer, I already play the game too much.

I can see the addictive nature of the game. Even now I want to go and try out the new weapons that I got.

I have decided to not install the game onto my new Macbook Pro. I just don’t want the temptation of switching over to play it “for a few minutes” and have the entire day pass me by.

And I think I just found another thing I have to monitor Michael on. But do I count this towards hi alloted TV time? If I’m trying to get him to be more active, is clicking keys that much better than staring blankly at a monitor. I thought about it, and I think the game is much better than TV. He has to use some problem solving skills for the game. Even just to figure out how to play it by himself. To be honest, I don’t see much of a difference between the game and reading a fantasy book. I guess we will just see as we go. As for my early signs of addiction, I’m just going to leave it on his machine. I get the feeling Michael will let me know if he thinks I am playing too much.


  1. I hear ya about the video game addiction and how time playing just passes life by. My son, Luke, which is a natural dirt bike rider, racer, stunt jumper, swears he learned everything from playing the motocross video games. I have to also admit that he’s learned to type quicker playing other interactive games. I think kids do need help determining the appropriate amount of time to put into it.

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